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+silent devotion;
year 2012 
5th-Dec-2007 12:43 am
Dressed in a formal outfit, I stroll out of the exit of my company. As I swing my laptop case back and forth, I hear my cell phone ringing with a KAT-TUN ringtone. "Not that silly girl again!" I chuckled once I saw the caller ID. "MOSHI MOSHI MICHELLE?" I said. "COME TO ROCKEFELLER CENTER, ANNIE! I have a surprise for you. You better be here. kthxbye." Now what! ;[

Subway. 42nd St. Once I turn the corner onto Rockefeller with the gigantic Christmas tree, a whole gang of familiar faces greets me.

Why? Well..

Here I am standing here looking at each and every one of the people in the group. A small smile escapes my lips. I am truly glad to see them. They are all dressed in formal outfits just like me, leaning against the railing of the tree. A nostalgic feeling came upon me. They all changed definitely but not completely. I feel like we're the young teenagers that we were 5 years ago. The auras and charismas of these beings never left them. Even after so many years of being physically separated, my heart feels so close to them. My eyes got a bit teary from reminiscing.

As I walk closer, I notice how much their faces matured and grew over these years; more grown up for sure. The guys with their hair waxed or gelled neatly and the girls with their hair styled in their own luscious styles. Everybody became quite attractive I must say. Especially the guys with their dress shirts and cute peacoats..

And so this was the surprise silly Michelle had for me. A reunion under the Christmas tree~ This whole bunch of us has so much to talk about after being apart for so long. Hugs, laughs, smooches are filling up the atmosphere. As cold as the weather is, I feel warmed up just being together with these creatures. Friends.


Inspiration for this vision just came to me. Now I'm coming back here 5 yrs later to read this and see what happens. Sounds like a beautiful future doesn't it?


posting this here in case FB dies
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